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The Dummy Dome CCTV Deal


                                      * Deal price excludes the congestion charge ( within C.London )

                                      * Deal price excludes parking charges.

       * Dummy dome cctv cameras do not record real footage and are for cosmetic use only.

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         At Handy On The Hill we like to offer the local community great money saving deals!


        With crime rising in London, security is becoming an increasingly expensive but essential part of any home,

        shop or business. you want to protect your livelihood from thieves but you don't have the money for a new  

        CCTV installation? or maybe you have CCTV and would just like to add a couple more to be on the safe side.


        Handy On The Hill have introduced a very cost effective deterrent to keep away sticky fingers!

        We will install 2 Dummy dome CCTV cameras in your home, shop or business.  The cameras have a battery

        operated LED light which flashes and looks just like the real thing! but with-out the costly install! ( no wires! )

        Just touch the camera dome to turn the red LED on and off.

         Can you really afford not to?    







                            DUMMY DOME CCTV DEAL*


                  2 Dummy dome CCTV cameras installed on any wall or ceiling

                   Plus installation of 1 CCTV warning sign


                Deal includes:  2 - Dummy dome CCTV cameras

                                                  1 - 200 x 150 CCTV warning sign

                                                  1 - handyman  


                                       Deal Price £180


          Want an additional 2 cameras to make 4? add an extra £80 to the deal price.

cctv5 72 cctv led 72


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