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        Silicone sealant can over time, go black with fungus and start to lift from the area it has been applied to,

        which can cause all sorts of problems due to the water penetrating the defective area thus creating water

        damage, nasty smells and if you live in flats, it can also lead to neighbourly disputes over ceilings being

        water damaged below, which can be expensive to fix!  

        So why take the chance when you can fix the problem before it happens!  







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The Silicone Sealing Deal





                     Removal of all silicone sealant around your bath or shower tray.

          Reseal around your bath or shower tray using silicone profiling tools to create

                                     a professional watertight finish every time!


                                                 Deal includes:


                                          1 tube of Antifungal silicone sealant.

                                                             1 Handyman.



                                      Deal Price £95






* Deal applies to the North London area only.

* Deal price excludes parking charges if any.

* Deal available Monday to Sunday

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